Cooling towels are not only absorbent, they dry super fast and are extremely lightweight, making them a must-have for summer sports. It’s sort of like a scarf, long and narrow, just the right length to hang around the nape of the neck. It can really help you block the sun! Simply wet, wring out excess water, and give it a pat or two. The towels were cold immediately. I wrap it around my neck. After about 15 minutes, the coolness can last a long time, at least an hour or so, and all you have to do is give it a hard slap or two and it’s cool again.

This cooling towel not only has a good cooling effect, it is very suitable for participating in popular outdoor sports activities, but also comes with a very practical packaging with a waterproof plastic bag with ziplock. You can pre-moisten the towel and store it in a waterproof bag, which is very convenient and saves space. All family members who like outdoor sports can try it out, and in the process of using it, you will definitely have a deeper understanding of its advantages. You can really feel the difference! Highly recommended!

Great product for long days in the sun, give it to your family who play baseball and golf in the summer! Help him cool down during the game. Hang it around your neck to soak up sweat when your husband takes it to golf. You can wear these scarf-like things tied around your head all the time, and they can dramatically lower your body temperature. Also a great gift for a colleague on the golf course or a gardener working in the garden! If it feels a little hot, it’s easy to cool down again with a few flicks and keep it moist for a while. Can use this product in hot summer, it is really nice and cool. It is very convenient and the price is good. Some other products are much more expensive, because we are the direct production factory of cooling towels, the price is cheaper and the quality is more guaranteed. These are great products to keep you cool while playing golf or any sport in the summer.

When you’re taking these on a trip to Disney World and it’s 60 degrees outside, it’s hot and muggy, and you need something to keep you cool. While they’re not icy cold, they definitely cool you down when it’s that hot! Just pat them on and apply them to pulse points, neck, face and more.

A separate bag with carabiner clip allows everyone to carry their own backpack or belt loops, ideal for clipping in your purse or backpack for easy access when needed. During mountaineering and outdoor sports, you only need to rewet once, and you can keep the towel cool and durable for 9 hours.

When gardening, you may take a cold towel around your head under the hat and one around your neck, which is very practical. so different. You can also use it for outdoor camping in hot summer, and the effect is surprisingly good! Combine one of these with a fan and let me tell you, it’s heaven on a hot day without on-site air conditioning. I can’t handle the heat over 75 degrees in this humid southern weather. I plan to use these a lot at home and on the go this summer. In outdoor mountaineering activities, it is best for each team member to bring a very good cooling towel, waterproof bag and carabiner-style portable packaging, which is small and convenient, and can be directly hung on the backpack or anywhere! They can stay cool for a long time. The duration in dry heat is slightly shorter, but still enough to work. I love the handy pouch that can be attached to any bag, so a cooling towel is always handy to beat the heat this summer.

These towels were a lifesaver at a recent outdoor music festival in 104+ heat. It helps a lot in cooling down the body and really absorbs sweat. It is perfect for being in the desert heat of 105 degrees, which keeps us cool. Worthy of being a big brand, the quality is really worth mentioning. The headband is very good to stabilize the bangs and broken hair, and you are not afraid of sweating during exercise. The towel will not be particularly stuffy when you put it on your neck, because it is a quick-drying type and has a good sweat absorption ability. awesome. Fitness is a must, and you will sweat a lot during fitness, so towels are really needed. Very easy to use and easy to clean.

We can customize patterns and slogans on the towels for you, highlighting your company’s team culture and spiritual concepts. In the Middle East countries and regions, our cooling towels are particularly popular, because the temperature in the desert during the day is too high, and construction workers working outdoors in the desert need this kind of towel to help them cool down!