What is yoga towel use for?

Yoga towel, also called yoga mat towel, is specially made for sports. It is a towel specially designed to put on your yoga mat when you are doing yoga,which is compounded by microfiber 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. The hot yoga towel is designed to fit on the yoga mat. It should be the same size as your yoga mat to prevent slipping. If you are in class with other people, it will not take up too much space. The best hot yoga towel can relax you, concentrate on practicing, and don’t worry about slipping on your yoga mat if you sweat too much. If you find yourself sweating so much that you slip off the yoga mat, a microfiber yoga towel is a simple solution.

What the advantages of yogitoes yoga towel?

The yoga towel can be used to wipe sweat to keep the body clean, it can also be cushioned to protect a certain part of the body. When practicing yoga supported by both hands, you can stack the towel in a long strip and place it under the base of the palm to prevent wrist joint injuries.

It is not very convenient to bring ordinary PVC yoga mats in outdoor, you can bring a yoga towel with grip and spread it on the ground or on the grass or on the beach. Place the grains facing down, and you can put them on top. Do yoga easily.

To ensure personal health, do not use a public yoga mat, you can bring a non slip yoga towel and spread it flat on top of the mat, which is hygienic and beautiful. Spread the grained side on the mat, so that it can be slip-resistant and drape compliant. The other side of the towel is in contact with your body, so it absorbs sweat and slips very well. Yoga towels are most suitable for use in yoga studios. They are easy to carry, clean and hygienic.

Is the yoga towel non-slip?

Micorfibertowel MFG is good at producing high quality non-slip microfiber yoga towels and exported to many countries. The price of a yoga towel depends on the size and material of the yoga towel. Generally speaking, the more thicker, the higher price and the better quality. We have 420gsm, 400gsm 380gsm, 350gsm, 300gsm, 200gsm,and 180gsm different various thicknesses for you. The grammage here refers to the weight per square meter, using grams as the unit of measurement. They are machine washable, recyclable,affordable, and easy to clean and dry.