1. The suede sports towel is made of high-quality microfiber, which is highly absorbent and quick-drying.

It is very absorbent and dries quickly too. This is especially useful if you take it with you when traveling or exercising, as you can quickly put it away after use. The towel is very lightweight and compact and is easy to store in a bag or backpack. It takes up very little space, so it’s perfect for those who don’t have room for a large towel. Our customers really like the great size, light weight, great absorbency, and quick drying features of these exceptionally good products.

Regarding quick-drying, let’s do an experiment. Wet and wrung out both a cotton towel and a speed towel at the same time, the speed towel dried in the sun in less than 10 minutes, the cotton towel took 3 hours to dry. Don’t expect your whole family and friends to like these right away, they need time to learn new ways and discover more surprises. Take it with you when you travel to Hawaii. Not just a bath towel, but a beach towel, just the right size for a beach chair. When going for a bay swim, you can sit and dry your face and hands without worrying about getting your chair and other items wet. It fits easily over the seat and back, and has an elastic strap to fasten the rubber band so the towel doesn’t get blown away while in the water. I am very impressed with this product. This is the towel for travel, fitness, and the outdoors that you deserve.

How did I discover that quick-drying towels work so well? A friend of mine introduced me to these types of towels today while we were swimming at the pool and I was like, how well do these towels work? Wow! Much better than I expected. Actually, I’ve seen and touched them in the store before and wondered how they would actually work. I didn’t expect this experience to be so satisfying. Also, I find that the more I use them, the more absorbent and softer they seem to be. What a pleasant surprise!

  1. Various colors and sizes, can be customized according to your requirements.

Sking tex can custom microfiber towels in a variety of sizes so you can choose the right size for any application. Guangzhou Sking Tex Company has 31 many different colors fasbric in stock, it is easy to distinguish the towel from other towels, showing your own style and taste. This product is very popular in Europe and the United States, and 50% of customers will choose the second and third repeated purchases after purchasing it for the first time. It is a great choice of towel for travel, fitness and outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a high-quality, functional towel that you can take with you anywhere, the Quick Dry Microfiber Towel is definitely something you can consider.

The size of the towel is very user-friendly. Not only does it work in the gym, I use this towel after my swim workout and it works great. After drying, wrap the swimsuit in a towel and stuff it in your bag. Delivery truckers love it too, it’s easy to use to wipe sweat off your face. It can also be used on a fishing boat when outdoors fishing, perfect for excursions. The towels are just the right size for wiping worms and fish off my hands, but not so big that they block my limited tackle space. Suitable for camping and other outdoor activities, enjoy the beauty of camping instead of dragging bulky towels to spoil the mood. I like the snap-on strap because it’s big enough to fit over the railing on my boat. It is also equipped with a breathable bag for storing towels. After use, it is rolled into a small cylinder and put into the mesh bag without taking up extra space. Great product and great value for money. Great for travel or camping! I took it to a music festival where we camped and had showers too. Easy to pack and carry to the bathroom instead of lugging around a bulky towel. When you’re done using it, it folds up neatly in the included drawstring bag. It dries faster than regular towels, and the bright colors won’t get wet the next time I head to the shower, a reminder not to leave it outdoors. Drying myself with this towel and material was a little weird at first. But quickly discover how simple and useful it is. And it dries really fast, even when it’s humid outside like I did when I was camping a few weeks ago. I would recommend!

Let’s listen to the usage sharing from a 20-year-old travel expert! On a trip to Hawaii, he used our quick-drying towel as a plane blanket, beach towel and hiking raincoat. Versatile, very light and compact, versatile and dries quickly without getting a bunch of sand! I felt a little cold on the plane, so I used it as a blanket to cover my body, it was very soft. Used it by the sea and really no sand stuck to it. Also, use it to shade from the sun, since I forgot to bring a sun umbrella. Use this thing to keep me dry in sudden downpours. I also use it to clean smudges off my glasses. It’s really compact, lightweight and versatile for the money. I next tested them at a water park in Florida, and they didn’t disappoint. Allow to dry quickly from the water while drying on the poolside chairs for the next use. There are many colors to choose from, adults and children love it very much! For outdoor trips with carry-on luggage, they are great. Lightweight, portable, and dries fairly quickly, perfect for use at the beach, or for drying off after a swim. Wipe the lenses of your glasses, dry your car, and dust your furniture.

  1. Cleaning towels is also easy and convenient.

Please be sure to follow the care instructions for better use. Wash in cold water, wash with clothes of similar colors, do not bleach, do not use high temperature above 40 degrees to wash. We’ve used microfiber towels on our travels for years. They dry quickly so can be used again the same day. Having traveled for work, I like it drier than I expected. It dries quickly when I wring it out and hang it up, so I don’t have to worry about mold.