How to choose the perfect salon towel for your salon business?

From the perspective of the development of towels, we have experienced an innovation process from warp knitted fabrics to traditional cotton towels and microfiber towels. Nowadays, the hot microfiber beauty salon towels are regarded as the new favorites of public service places such as hairdressers and beauty shops because of their convenience and low-carbon advantages. However, maybe you still don’t know the origin and production process of this kind of hair salon towel. If you are keen on quality life, this will be a required course.

Hair salon towels are towels used in hair and beauty salons. They are usually dark coloured, good water absorption, easy clean,long-term life, and can be used multiple times. Microfiber yarn is a new type of pollution-free high-tech textile material, and its composition is a kind of ultra fine microfiber produced by the organic compound of polyester and nylon. Because it is a material with significant functions such as strong water absorption, good air permeability, mildew resistance (antibacterial and antibacterial after special processing), it is currently being widely used in the weaving of clothing and home textiles. .

At Microfiber towel MFG, we provide various hair salon towel, makeup remover clean towel, hair turban, headhand and bathrobe for beauty and spa uses. They are is anti-bleaching, color-safe and anti-fouling, just wash it with hot water, it will wash away all the dyes and stains. For any stubborn stains, you can use bleach and cold water to wash, so that the stubborn stains can be removed while the color of the towel remains the same.

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