Where to buy a good quality sports towel?

Guangzhou SKING Textile company is specilaized in high quality sport and gym towel and export gym towels about 100,000pcs every year to many developed and developing countries. 30% percent of our fitness towels export to America, we are towel golden supplier for HYPR, MOVEMENT, MONSTER, APPLE, AND GOOGLE famous companies. In daily life,you can bring along a gym towel to keep your workout as clean and dry as possible.Bringing a towel to the gym seems to be a piece of advice only for runners. But I want to tell you: strength trainers should bring towels. In addition to wiping sweat, towels have many uses. Take squats and bench presses for example.

One more towel, maybe the training will be better! In gyms with pads, squats can choose to use pads, but the pad itself has a thickness. The thickness of the pad will change the position of the barbell on the back, increase the bar position, and change the line of force when squatting.

The function of a fitness towel is to wipe sweat stains, keep your hands dry and improve grip. If your gym has a high horizontal bar, then you can hang the gym towel on both ends of the barbell, hold the bottom of the towel tightly with your hands, and let your body hang. The thickness of gym towel determines the difficulty of your grip: if the towel roll is thin, then your hands can hold the end of the towel, which is less difficult.

We have many professional gym towel designs for you to choose, can accept custom logo sport towel order as your demands. Supply print, embroidery, emboss logo service on workout towels. It is easy to cooperate with us, we can make pre-production sample to you confirm before place order.