Our Team Members

SKING TEX was founded by outdoor sport expert Kevin Sun. Writing his thesis on outdoor sport and camping efficiency, he paid for his university studies on sport and health. Himself an avid camper, Kevin decided to create something that he and his fellow who love outdoor sport and take body exercise would use. 

One idea led to another, and Kevin’s colleague schoolmate and friend Steven and Merina joined the business. Today, we have cooperated more than  hundres of overseas wholesalers and importers all over the world. You’ll find more thousands microfiber towels were produced by Bangze textile across your country.

We are making efforts to produce more and more high quality and fashionable pattern towels in competitive price for our customers.You can expect us to listen intently to any ideas for improvements.

Our sales team all members are young, positive, skilled and passionate! With well team-conscious, good communication and coordination, efficient work, meticulous and patience, we can afford the pressure of the work and supply good service to all of our customers. 

KEVIN SUNChief Executive Officer
The founder and CEO of Guangzhou SKING Textile Company, who makes major corporate decisions, manage the overall resources and operations, and communicate with management teams and corporate operations.
MERINA LAUSales Manager
Familiar with international business policy and manner, 10 years overseas marketing explore experience, good at customer communication and customer managerment.
WILLIAM LEEProduct Develop Manager
With 8 years professional textile products produce experiences, very familiar with textile characters and artworks, such as dying fabric, printing logo , embroidery logo, embossing, cutting fabric, and sewing fabric process.
IVY FANGProject Manager Consultant
Ensure projects and related specific activities , schedule and costs are reasonable and achievable. Allocate work among team members and provide guidance regularly.
STEVEN ZHANGQuality Control Director
The co-founder of SKING Textile with Kevin Sun, worked in The World Top 500 enterperise 6 years., in charge of managing the inspection and testing of materials, parts, and products to ensure adherence to established quality standards.
BOB YANGWarehouse Manager
Senior warehouse management 8 years experience, who maintains statistical and financial records, ensuring that quality objectives and delivery deadlines are 100% qualified.