Where to buy beach towels near me?

Guangzhou SKING Textile has rich and professional produce and sale experiences for microfibre beach towel and cotton beach towel in China. Our beach towels exported to European countries, Middle East countries, and North America countries more than 10 years. You can contact us, our professional sales team will help you how to order from us and shipping chains. If your order quantity is small and urgent, we will send you by airplane. If your order quantity is big and not urgent, we recommend ship by sea shipment to save your cost and increase profits.

What should I pay attention to when buying beach towels?

Beach towels are towels used on the beach or swimming pool. When we go to the beach, we always bring a grey beach towel, which can be wrapped around the waist, draped on the body or tied around the head and neck when playing on the beach. It plays a role in shading and can also be used as a covering ornament. So what should you pay attention to when choosing a beach towel blanket?

  • The material of beach towels usually includes two categories: Velour cotton beach towels e printed microfiber beach towels. European and American customers prefer more velour cotton beach towels because of their soft surface, rich colors and good water absorption. Quick-drying microfiber beach towels are very popular among Australian and New Zealand. They are lightweight and thin in texture, fast-drying, strong in water absorption, compact size, and more convenient to carry. If you are tired from playing on the beach, you can spread a beach towel lightweight on the beach and enjoy the sun bathing. It can also keep away the tide and sand, preventing the fine sand from entering your hair.
  •  What size beach towel do you choose? Standard beach towel size and extra size, we have many standard sizes for you to choose. 120x60cm, suitable for children, 140x70cm, 75x150cm, suitable for adults. 80x160cm, 90x180cm is extra large beach towel for two, it can be used as blanket at home too. In addition to being used on the beach, beach towels can also be used as ordinary bath towels, which can play a role in fitness, swimming, travelling,household and other fields.
  • Which thickness of beach towel is suitable? According to our more than ten years of production and sales experience, the commonly used thickness of quick-drying beach towels is 200gsm, and the thickness of cotton beach towels is mostly 350gsm and 400gsm. When we swim in the water and go ashore, the skin is easily attacked by the ultraviolet rays in the sun when it is wet. If we do not dry the water, it is easy to have skin pain, blisters and other symptoms, and the skin will begin to peel in a few days. Therefore, the function of beach towels is to help people dry ourbodyquickly and reduce the effects of ultraviolet rays.

What are the options for the packaging of beach towels?

The usual packaging is transparent bag packaging with Made in China label attached to the bag. At the same time, net mesh bag packaging, gift box packaging and carton standard export standard packaging are also provided. Our most popular beach towel packaging is personalized beach towel with mesh bag gift, which is easy to carry, can be reused and environmentally friendly.

Is it complicated to custom our own brand of beach towels?

NO.Not complicated. You can first provide us with some pictures of beach towel styles you like, tell us your beach towel size, thickness, and quantity requirements, and then our salesperson will quote you according to your requirements and give professional solutions or suggestions. Our beach towels are mainly exported to Australia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Singapore and other countries. The minimum order quantity is 500 pieces each, except for special styles. Our beach towels have a wide range of styles, including beach towel embroidery, full size printed beach towel and beach towel poncho in various styles. We provide free sample delivery service, please contact us as soon as possible for prices and samples.