What Kind Of Towels To Dry Car?

Most people concern about how to clean and dry their car fast and easy, you need a good quality microfiber car washing and drying towel to help you solve this problem. The best car towel thickness is 500gsm, 600gsm and 800gsm made from polyester and nylon mixed.  It can be simply understand that the more thicker the more water absorbent when cleaning cars. They are high-density velvet coral fleece combined material, very absorbent! It is suitable for car washing, wiping, waxing and drying dual-use!

 Our car towels are powerful decontamination, strong water absorption, no damage to car paint, which is double-sided two-color thickening design and comfortable hand feel.

 MicrofibertowelMFG support custom logo technology for car washing towel, such as laser logo, embroidery logo, print logo and emboss logo. It can be sampled according to the customer’s artwork, packaged according to the customer’s requirements, support separate OPP polybag, frosted bags, 1 pack-2 pack-3 strip pack-multiple packs!

Features Of Our Car Towel Set:

  1. High water absorption: The superfine microfiber material quickly absorbs water and quickly dries out as its remarkable characteristics.
  1. Strong decontamination power: Its special cross section can more effectively capture dust particles as small as a few microns, and the effect of decontamination and degreasing is very obvious.
  1. No lint: High-strength synthetic filaments are not easy to break, and at the same time, which does not spin, does not fall off, and the fibers are not easy to fall off the surface of the towel.
  1. Long life: Due to the high strength and toughness of superfine microfiber, its service life is longer than that of ordinary towels. It will not change shape after long-term washing. At the same time, polymer fiber will not produce protein hydrolysis like cotton fiber. Bacteria cannot survive. Even if they are not dried after use, they will not become moldy, rot, or smelly, and have a long life.
  1. Easy to clean: When we use ordinary towels, the dust, greaseand dirt remains on the surfaceafter use. It is not easy to remove and even harden, which will affect its use. The microfiber towel absorbs the dirt between the fibers. In addition, the fiber is high density, so it has strong adsorption capacity. After use, it only needs to be cleaned with water or a little detergent.


General Usages of Chamois Car Towel

  1. Car beauty-multi-functional advanced car wipes

     It is suitable for cleaning and protecting objects such as automobile indoor instrument panels, leather seats, and mirror.             Spray the protective agent on the car surface then wipe it with a towel, use the car clean cloth to wipe dirt and dust on the         surface It sheds lint and has good water absorption.

  1. Car paintwiping waxing andpolishing towel

     First wipe the car body clean and dry with a towel, and evenly apply the sponge to the car paint. When the car wax is                 solidified, use the towel pad for polishing.


We supply a variety of choices, economical and affordable car towels. Small towel 30*30cm, 44g/pc, medium towel 30x40cm, 54g/pc, large towel 30x60cm, 74g/pc, they can meet your car wash and dry needs.