What should we consider when buying golf towels?

Golf towels are a type of small size towel, used by golfers when they participate in play golfing. They are usually made of high-absorbent materials and have a humanized design. Golf towel clip can easily attach to the golf bag or hung on player’s belt. It provides golfers with a quick way to wipe their hands and face. When playing in bad weather, the golf towel can also be used to dry the bat conveniently.

A notable feature of golf towels is that there is a metal grommet and a hook at the corner of towel. When the golfer needs to wipe sweat or the bat, it can be easily taken off and used quickly, and then quickly fixed to the bag after use, so golf towel with hole is not easy to lose.

  1. Material of golf towel. The most popular golf towel materialis cotton golf towels and microfiber waffle golf towels. We can customize the embroidery club pattern or slogan on the golf towel. The materials of these sports towels are machine washable, soft, and can be used repeatedly for several years.
  2. Golf towel dimensions. We have standard golf towel blanks in 30x50cm, 40x60cm, 40x80cm and 50x100cm. You can buy golf towel of different sizes to use in different situations. Small golf towels are usually used in casual games in mild weather, such as 30*50cm. In games with remote locations and poor environments, players usually choose golf towel large with more water absorbency. For example, 40x80cm and 50x100m.
  3. Golf towel designs, we have various golf towel designs for sale.Such as tri fold golf towels,full size printed towel designs, golf towel embroidery designs, and middle hole cutting golf towel designs.

What is the most popular design of usa golf towel?

We provide waffle microfiber blank golf towels,which is most liked by American customers. They can buy in large quantities at cheap price and embroider logo patterns, according to golf clubs small urgent order quantity requirements in the local country. Our factory store huge golf towel fabrics in black, white and gray to ensure customers best price and urgent order delivery requirements.More over, we supply personalized golf towel customization services in wholesale price.