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Microfibertowelmfg provides professional カークリーンタオル kit with professional clean towels, dry towels, clean brush and wax pad for car. It is safer to use a professional car clean towel to than normal material towel. Our car clean towel is finished by polyster and nylon in various patterns. Provide custom made silkscreen logo, embroidery logo and laser logo service for many brand car service companies .Use a long-bristled brush to moisten the car wash liquid, wipe it on the car, and scrub from top to bottom. If the underside of the car is very dirty It can be washed at the end to avoid washing the float paint. Finally, wash the towel wet in a bucket and wring dry, and wipe the body water dry.

Kitchen dishes clean towel, which is mainly composed of microfiber, has a tubular structure and water absorbing, lint free in good quality. Clean microfiber towel is very useful in the kitchen cleaning jobs, scrubbing the kitchen tools and oil removal effect is particularly good. You can dry and clean dishes and plates, stoves, range hoods, sinks, wall tiles, microwave ovens, electric ovens and etc. This clean towel can also be used for cleaning gas stoves. But for stubborn stains, it must be used together with detergent to have a good effect.

Daily household cleaning towels are used to remove dust on furniture, electrical appliances, tables and chairs, stains on the floor, and clean windows, bathtubs, mirrors, glassware, wine glasses and etc. Super absorbent, antibacterial, quick-drying, and ultra soft, which largely protects the surface of the article from being scratched or damaged. Our microfiber clean towel is a very safe and economical cleaning cloth.

We can accept orders for all kinds of clean towels, with good quality and cheap prices.