How to choose a good quality pet towel?

Pet towels are usually made of super absorbent materials. The pet drying towel with strong water absorption are divided into pva pet towels and microfiber pet towels.The microfiber pet towel is made from polyester and nylon combined. The most notable feature of ultra-fine fibers is that their linear density is much lower than conventional ordinary fibers, and the thinnest can reach 0.0001 dtex. Due to this remarkable feature of superfine fiber, it has many properties different from ordinary fiber.

A good absorbent norwex pet towel must first have strong water absorption, skin-friendly and soft; secondly, it must be easy to clean, not fading and not shed. Guangzhou Bangze Textile adopts microfiber special anti-mildew and antibacterial treatment. 

It has a fine structure. The water on the surface of the object is quickly absorbed by the capillary phenomenon. Therefore, it has strong water absorption. The hair can be wiped dry quickly, saves your time and work.

MicrofibertowelMFG pet towel has strong toughness, tensile and tear Resistance, strong water absorption, excellent touch, soft and delicate, durable, ECO-friendly microfiber material. It is different from ordinary absorbent towels, super absorbent and does not leave any traces. It also has an excellent touch and does not contain toxic chemicals. It can be completely dried to harden, so that bacteria can’t grow, and it will soften quickly when exposed to water.

Can we order personalised pet towels for our brand?

Absolutely. We are direct pet care producer with professional experiences, such as pet drying towel, bathing towel, pet blanket, pet coat, pet cooling neck scarf and pet cover mat in varity products for pets and cats. Accept customized size, color, style, shape and design of pet towel according to our customers’ different needs. But our pet towel wholesale price is much cheaper only 30% percent of amazon sale price. Please contact us our salesman for a speed quote.