How to choose a professional sport towel?

There are more and more people like taking exercise to keep body healthy, but everyone is confused about the choice of good sport towels. Few people have introduced the choice of sports towels. There are three common materials, pure cotton, microfiber, and cooling towel.

Three kinds of materials are usually used to make fitness towels on the market now.

  1. Pure cotton, composed of terry loops, this type is the most used in our home. Cotton fabrictowelis water-absorbing, skin-friendly and environmental friendly, but it is bulky, not easy to carry, and not fast drying when compare with microfiber towels. This cotton gym towel is the most popular in European Union countries.
  2. Microfiber, soft surfaceand fluffy, which is composed ofspandex and nylon, the higher the content of nylon, the more water absorbency. When you buy microfiber gym towel, please note that standard 20% spandex + 80% nylon composition ratio is the best. It has the advantages of fast sweat absorption, quick drying, compact,and easy to carry.
  3. Cooling towel that has been relatively popular in recentyears. The main ingredient is polyester,nylon fabric and cool fiber combined. The thickness is mostly 140gsm and 160gsm, which is lighter and thinner than the two materials mentioned above. Advantages: quick drying, good cooling effect, average comfort. It is mainly used in outdoor sports activities in summer and autumn, and used to wipe sweat during strenuous exercise, and it is very practical to cool down instantly. Try to choose sports towels with brand guarantees. Professional sports brands have their own gym towels.

Is the MOQ of personalized fitness towels high?

Our factory accepts personalized fitness towels orders, and the minimum order quantity different, which according to the requirements of customers. We can customize fitness towels according to your requested towel color, size and pattern, usually the minimum order quantity ranges from 500 to 1,000. The minimum order quantity for embroidery patterns and printed patterns is 500 pieces, and the minimum order quantity for custom-made dyed towels ranges from 1,000 to 3,000. For special styles of sports towel orders, please contact us directly for detailed MOQ information.

What are the hot-selling styles of gym towels?

Sports towels refer to towels specially designed for sports. They are optimized for sports in terms of materials, specifications and dimensions, water absorption, etc., which are different from ordinary towels. They are extraordinary products for aerobics, outdoor adventures, and travelling. We have plain-colored sports towel embroidered patterns, printed patterns, gym towels with waterproof zippers and back mesh pockets. They are suitable for different occasions. With a zipper and a back mesh bag style, it can be put on sports equipment compliantly. People lie on the equipment to do exercises, and the towel under the body does not move. The waterproof zipper function can prevent sweat from getting the inside things wet, and the pocket can put mobile phone,keys,money and etc.