Descripción del proyecto

2 pack in a pvc gift box for holiday gift towel sets, fast clean all makeup foundation and lipstick with just water. It is  compact size, light weight, soft texture and water absorbent, good fastness and custom logo for cosmetics brands.

Toalla de maquillaje reutilizable para borrar la base de maquillaje Toallas de regalo para las fiestas

Nombre del producto: makeup erase towel

Material: microfibra 80% poliéster 20% poliamida

Técnica: knitted technology, coral fleece,fabric warpped edge, super clean ability


Tamaño: 20x40cm

Ventajas: ultra soft and comfortable,  water absoring, fast drying, no-faded, no lint, antibacterial function, clean cosmetic with pure water quickly

Acerca de este artículo
The coral fleece microfiber makeup eraser cloth is made up of micro fibers thiner than our hair, which is ultra-soft, add water only then can clean and erase all the cosmetics foundation, eyebow liner.  This towel can clean all the dirty and oil out of each individual pore. Romove makeup instantly with just water! All natural, chemicals free. Machine washable, no stains remaind. Soft and promotes healthy skin. 2 pcs as a unit in a transparent pvc gift box.

Personalizar el servicio

  • Color, tamaño y logotipo de la toalla
  • Paquete: opp polybag, caja de regalo
  • Opciones de logotipo: bordado, etiqueta tejida
  • El producto de origen: China
  • MOQ: 5000pcs/color  dye new pantone colour
  • MOQ: 2000pcs/color use our existing fabric color
  • 2pack towel in a transparent pvc gift box, 100pcs/carton box