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The club golf towel is composed of 16s twist turkish 100% cotton yarn in 500gsm. The plain weaving pattern solid white colour golf towel can embroidery logo and text in small order quantity. There is a grommet and clip at the coner of golf towel for easy hanging outdoors. The over locked and quality edge can wash by machine, no spread thread, not like other cheaper quality towels. We can dye any other colored golf towel available too!

Cotton terry golf towels with grommet embroidery logo and text club golf towel 16s cotton tri fold custom logo golf towels manufacturer

Product name:Cotton terry golf towels

Material: 100% cotton 16s twist yarn

Technics: plain dyed, woven knitted, plain weaving, trifold design, embroidery logo

Толщина: 500gsm

Size: 16×24 inches

Use for  golf towel,camping, travelling, gym and fitness, sport

Материал Инструкции по уходу Машинная стирка, сушка в барабане, диспергирование и окрашивание без AZO, экологически чистый.

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REPEAT USE WITH QUICK-DRY TECHNOLOGY.The cotton towel has a metal grommet and clip for easy attachment and removal from golf bag. Conveniently hanging it anywhere. Quality golf accessories to match your quality life! Clip that attaches to the ring hook makes it easy to switch from clipped onto your golf bag, attractive design and convenient for golf players. You can clean and dry hands, sweat, and ball easy.You can use it as sport towel and gym towel too.

Индивидуальное обслуживание

  • Логотип, цвет, размер, кромка, крючок, бирка, упаковка
  • Варианты логотипа: печать, вышивка, тканая бирка, 
  • Пакет: оп полибег, мешок сетки, коробка eva, коробка подарка
  • Продукт происхождения: Китай