How To Make Golf Cart Seat Covers Out Of Towel?

Making golf cart seat covers out of towels is a practical DIY project that can provide comfort and protection for your golf cart seats.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to create golf cart seat covers using towels:

Materials Needed:
Towels (preferably thick and absorbent, like bath towels)
Sewing machine or needle and thread
Velcro strips or elastic bands (optional, for securing the covers)


1.Measure and Cut Towels:

Measure the dimensions of your golf cart seat. You’ll need two towels per seat cover—one for the seat bottom and one for the seat back.
Use scissors to cut the towels to the appropriate size.

For the seat bottom, measure the width and depth of the seat, leaving extra material for hemming and securing the cover.

For the seat back, measure the height and width of the backrest.

2.Hem the Towels (Optional):

If your towels have raw edges, consider hemming them to prevent fraying and give a cleaner look. You can use a sewing machine or sew by hand using a simple straight stitch.

3.Attach Seat Bottom Cover:

Place the towel for the seat bottom over the seat, ensuring it covers the entire seating area evenly.
Depending on your preference, you can either tuck the excess material under the seat or secure it with Velcro strips or elastic bands underneath the seat to keep the cover in place.
Attach Seat Back Cover:

For the seat back cover, drape the towel over the backrest and adjust it to fit snugly.

You can use the same methods as for the seat bottom—tuck under excess material or use Velcro strips/elastic bands to secure.
Secure and Adjust:

Once both covers are in place, make any final adjustments to ensure they fit securely and comfortably over the seats. Trim any excess material if necessary.
Test and Refine:

Test out the golf cart seat covers by sitting on them and driving the cart to ensure they stay in place and provide the desired comfort and protection.

1. Choose towels that are durable and easy to wash, as they will be exposed to outdoor elements.
2. Consider using towels with patterns or colors that match your golf cart or personal style.

3.If you prefer a more permanent solution, you can sew the towels together along the edges to create a more fitted cover.
By following these steps, you can create custom golf cart seat covers out of towels that are functional, comfortable, and add a personalized touch to your golf cart.

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