Beschreibung des Projekts

When we go to supermarket and buy a beach towel, normally we need to notice the twoel size is big enough or not and fabric softness issue. We produce extra large beach towels in 80x160cm, it is big enough for most of adults use. Large beach towels are more useful than smaller size. Guangzhou Bangze Textile is good at produce oversized beach twoels and personaliozed beach towels in competitive price, and small order quantity. If you are want to buy quality extra large beach towels, please contact us to get free samples.

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Product name: beach towels

Material: Mikrofaser 80% Polyester 20% Polyamid

Technics: plain dyed, antibaterical, soft and comfortable, over sized, luxury towels, never colorfast fade

Dicke: 200gsm

Größe: 80x160cm

Verwendung als Strandtuch, Badetuch, Reisetuch, Gymnastik- und Fitnesstuch

Material Pflegehinweise Maschinenwäsche, Trockner, Dispergieren und AZO-freie Färbung, umweltfreundlich.

Über diesen Artikel
Bigger than common single beach towel, covers your whole body or the sun lounger. And the bright colour looks beautiful and eye-catching when you lay on beach. REPEAT USE WITH QUICK-DRY TECHNOLOGY. If your beach towel isn’t absorbing your sweat, then you need to buy a new one. You have more options to choose extra large beach towel for yourself. We have two different towel size 70x150cm and 80x160cm beach towel sets. When travelling, you must need this quick dry towels. When you take exercise in gym, you need this gym towel with pocket for distingish your personal things with other person.

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