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This huge beach towel  is finished by high quality polyester and nylon suede microfiber with light weight and comfortable touch, directly use for big towels, bathing, camping, swimming and travelling every where you like. The best hot colored towels are orange towels, which has a fabric loop for easy hanging outdoors.

Orange towels suede beach towel xxl size 80x160cm compact light weight big towels pool towels china manufacturer

Product name: orange towels

Material: Mikrofaser 80% Polyester 20% Polyamid

Technics: plain dyed, antibaterical, soft and comfortable, over sized, big towel size

Dicke: 200gsm

Größe: 80x160cm

Use for  beach towel, bathing, travelling, gym and fitness, camping, swimming

Material Pflegehinweise Maschinenwäsche, Trockner, Dispergieren und AZO-freie Färbung, umweltfreundlich.

Über diesen Artikel
REPEAT USE WITH QUICK-DRY TECHNOLOGY.Our beach towels are made with microfiber fabric designed to repel sand. When not in use, you can easily and quickly shake off sand.Sand-free, comfier and simply better beach days. It’s perfect to use while exercising, swimming, camping, practicing yoga or to simply dry up your body.

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